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Our Background

In an ever-changing market, finding the right trade and a fitting training program might seem like an impossible task. Enter PR Beauty College, which was founded by some of the industry’s finest professionals.

At PR Beauty College, we’re committed to providing the highest quality education focused on leadership, innovation and advanced skills. Our program is flexible and our teachers are the best in their field. So if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, learn a new trade and make new friends - get in touch today.

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Student Admissions

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The Information You Need

At PR Beauty College, the process of student admission has been streamlined to make it remarkably easy and accessible. Our institution prioritizes a seamless and user-friendly admission experience, ensuring that aspiring students encounter minimal hurdles when embarking on their educational journey with us. The admission process has been designed with the student's convenience in mind, featuring clear guidelines and supportive staff to assist every step of the way. We believe that a straightforward admission procedure contributes to creating a positive and welcoming environment for students, setting the foundation for a successful and enriching educational experience at PR Beauty College.

Call 817-903-1983 for more information

Admissions Process

Your Gateway to Learning

Please call 817-903-1983 or email for the admission process.

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Our Benefits

From a hands-on education to opportunities to work alongside top industry professionals, there are countless reasons students choose PR Beauty College. Check out our key benefits below, and contact us with questions.

At PR Beauty College, we offer all courses in English and Spanish.

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Above and Beyond

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Meet Our Instructors

Richard Tran


Alma Hernandez


Sotera Martinez


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